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    Solar Power Systems & Installations

    Power yourself & save money. Solar systems for $0 upfront. *

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    Home Battery & Off Grid Solutions

    Never experience a blackout again!

    System Monitoring & Service

    New to Australia. Insights & analytics direct to your smartphone.

    7 Steps to go Solar

    Step 1: A bright idea!

    You decide to take the first step toward going solar to control energy costs, lower your  electricity bill and help the environment.

    Step 2: Call SolarKraft for advice

    We will match you with one of our knowledgeable consultants for an either online or face-to-face consultation.

    Step 3: System design & consultation

    As part of our renewable energy consultation we provide you with figures on financial returns, system performance estimates, panel placement, honest advice and information. Based on that outcome we’ll tailor a solar package to suit your needs.

    Step 4: Agreement

    We ask for this so we can allocate stock. You’ll secure predictable solar costs for years to come depending on your payment option with no hidden fees. All backed by our world class warranties.

    Step 5: System installation

    Our accredited installers will install your solar system, ensuring all regulations and standards are met.

    Step 6: Customer satisfaction & payment

    You and the installer will go through a checklist ensuring you are satisfied with the installation. Once you are satisfied, we will ask you to pay the remaining balance or sign the authority form for your preferred finance option.

    Step 7: Solar system activation

    Once your utility provider gives approval, you can start generating your own clean free energy.

    Done! Happy savings

    Smile when you receive your electricity bills and enjoy clean energy for years to come!

    Why Solar?

    Lower energy costs
    Reduce your electricity bill instantly and for years to come.

    Save money
    With solar you’ll get a return on your investment in years to come. Invest money now to save more later.

    Help the environment
    Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Don’t contribute to global warming – be part of the solution!

    Energy independence
    SolarKraft can create fully independent sustainable power solutions, so you can go completely off grid!

    Why SolarKraft?

    We’re different
    We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing solar providers dedicated to customer service. Research the independent reviews for yourself.

    The best warranties
    We pride ourselves on offering customer’s peace of mind. We offer the best warranties out in market. Compare ours to our competitors, and you’ll see for yourself.

    Low-cost solutions
    We know everyone’s financial situation differs. That’s why we have packages that make solar accessible for the everyday Australian.

    We’ve got your back
    Through the whole process, our team are here to assist you. Call us anytime – 24 hours a day. We’re with you every step of the way.


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