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    5KW Solar System

    Choosing the right kind of solar energy system for your home or business is an important step in making the switch to solar. Choosing more than you need will needlessly add to your purchase cost, while choosing an underpowered system for your needs will not be giving you the best value and reliability.

    Most households and some small businesses will do just fine with a 5kW solar system, and this is really the minimum we’d recommend for any building larger than a caravan. The advantage a 5kW system provides is that it is large enough to provide an adequate amount of power generation to meet or exceed the needs of an average household, while also being a very budget-friendly choice.



    For the average Australian household, a 5kW solar power system will generally supply sufficient energy generation to make a serious dent in monthly energy costs. It may even be enough to make your energy costs zero out.

    It is better to invest in a 6kW solar power system if you can afford it, and you may be surprised to realize that there’s a good chance you can afford it. If 5kW is definitely your limit, that that’s what it will have to be, and you’ll still benefit quite a lot in comparison to using normal mains electricity supply.

    The benefits of switching to solar are not limited to financial benefits, either. The greater continuity of supply that is possible with solar power is also a strong incentive to consider making it part of your life.

    Also the environmental benefits should be considered. By going solar, you’ll be joining the global effort to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel electricity generation. The more people who make this commitment, the more of a difference it will make. A difference is certainly necessary.

    Having decided that you want to add solar power to your home, you need to work out if 5kW is definitely enough to meet your needs. In many cases it should be, but it depends on the size of your home and the kinds of appliances you run.

    If you have a swimming pool, and air conditioner, electric hot water, and electric heating, then you’ve really hit the jackpot for high energy consumption. It’s unlikely in this case that 5kW would be enough, and you may want to consider a higher rated system.

    The higher the rating in kilowatts a system is, the more the upfront cost is likely to be. On the other hand, higher rated systems will generate more power in optimal conditions, so they can actually earn back their costs faster.

    If your energy use is modest, then a 5kW solar system may well be enough to meet all your energy needs. It really depends on so many different things, that it requires sophisticated calculations to really be sure what is needed and what the result of implementing it will be.

    Of course you can also adjust the way you use electricity in your home to make the 5kW system a more effective solution. Not everyone has the willpower or discipline to make that work, though. If you can afford a higher rated system and you have room for it, you’ll probably find that’s easier than trying to change your habits.

    Plus if you think changing your own habits is hard enough, wait until you try persuading other householders to change their habits.

    The best way to make this very important decision about choosing the right solar energy system for your home is to talk to the experts at SolarKraft. We can help take the difficult out of the decision for you, and we can help you to understand some of the more complicated things about solar energy.

    With SolarKraft you can save on 5kW solar system cost

    We’re helping to make solar electricity generation more affordable and more accessible for Australian families and businesses.

    Part of our commitment to making solar energy an affordable option is making sure the solar energy solutions we provide are genuinely good value for money.

    That means that unlike some other suppliers who try to pull in more customers by offering the cheapest systems, we focus on the systems that are really going to result in the best value for you.

    Our systems are not expensive, and when all the positive attributes of them are considered, they’re actually way better value than cheaper systems. If they weren’t, we’d be selling those cheaper systems.

    Keep in mind that solar energy investment is not something that recovers value quickly. It’s a long term strategy, and it pays off over time. Investing in quality is a smart move, because you can then rely on your system being in peak condition for the longest possible time.

    In short, you can actually save more by spending more. That’s a concept that may seem strange at first, but when you factor in the lifespan of the solar panels, the quality and reliability of product warranties, the efficiency of the solar panels and inverter, and all that kind of thing, then it really makes sense.

    Going for the cheaper price may end up costing you more if the product doesn’t perform optimally, wears out faster, doesn’t have a reliable warranty, and so on. Any of these problems will negate whatever slight cost saving the “cheap” system may provide, and you could even end up spending much more than you expect.

    As the industry leaders in solar energy systems, SolarKraft is the best company to advise you on your solar energy needs. We have expert consultants who can take a look at your current energy use and help determine what will be the best way for you to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

    We can help you decide which type of solar energy system to buy, how many solar panels you will need, what type of inverter you should use, and all the other factors that must be taken into account when investing in solar energy.

    There are some clever financial moves you can make that can potentially increase your savings and make your move to solar energy more productive.

    We can tell you how to achieve the best results once you get in touch. Each individual household will have a unique situation, and our advice is tailored to your unique needs.

    In this way you can be sure of getting the best deal on solar energy systems in Australia. Customers who buy their solar power products from SolarKraft are always satisfied with the results. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are known for the excellent value we provide to our customers and the quality of our after sales service, which is second to none.

    There has never been a better time to get into solar than right now, and it’s definitely worth considering if you like the idea of saving money while doing something good for the environment.

    How much does a 5kW solar system cost?

    The primary concern most people considering switching to solar power have is being unsure just how much a 5kW solar system will cost. There isn’t a simple answer to that one because it depends on the specific choices you make.

    What we can tell you is there are definitely right and wrong choices. Right now we’re hoping we can help you make the right choices.The situation is also complicated by government rebate schemes and so on, which help to bring the costs down for eligible buyers. The advances made in solar technology have also helped to bring down the costs, and can be expected to continue to do so in the future.

    It wouldn’t be the best option, however, to wait for the future to arrive before switching to solar, because you’ll face exactly the same situation years from now, knowing that the costs could continue to come down even further. You can enjoy the benefits that solar technology offers right now, and you’ll be saving money on your energy costs while also helping the environment.

    The cost also depends on whether you’re storing energy in a battery bank or simply sending surplus energy back to the grid. Batteries will bump up the cost dramatically, but they’re sometimes necessary and give you a lot of advantages.

    Without taking rebates or incentives into consideration, the typical price for solar energy with batteries works out to around $3 per watt, which means a 5kW solar system will cost about $15,000 in total, but you can make choices that will influence that benchmark number up or down.

    Before you let that high number worry you, you should consider that buying your solar energy system from SolarKraft means you’re getting the best deals available in Australia, including our famous $0 upfront offer to help you get connected sooner.

    How much can a 5kW solar system save on energy costs?

    The answer depends on where the system is installed and what the local utility companies are charging for electricity. For example, a system installed in Queensland or NSW will be expected to perform better than one installed in Tasmania or Victoria.

    Also there can be big differences in the price charged by different utility suppliers. The savings you can make will obviously be a lot higher in areas where the electricity cost is higher than average.

    Electricity costs in Western Australia and South Australia are currently the highest in the world, so you’d recoup your solar energy investment costs more rapidly in those states.

    In most Australian states it can be expected to take between 2 to 4 years to completely break even on the costs, but it will take longer in the ACT and Victoria due to the much lower energy prices in those places.

    If you take advantage of SolarKraft’s $0 upfront deal, you can easily see how you can gain big by going solar. With payments space out over 3 to 7 years, and the system being expected to provide energy savings equivalent to 100 percent of its cost within less time, you should actually come out ahead. We source all the major brands including, REC Solar & Redback.

    Individual circumstances could vary, so talk to SolarKraft today to find out the advantages solar energy can provide you with.



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    Why Solar?

    Lower energy costs
    Reduce your electricity bill instantly and for years to come.

    Save money
    With solar you’ll get a return on your investment in years to come. Invest money now to save more later.

    Help the environment
    Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Don’t contribute to global warming – be part of the solution!

    Energy independence
    SolarKraft can create fully independent sustainable power solutions, so you can go completely off grid!

    Why SolarKraft?

    We’re different
    We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing solar providers dedicated to customer service. Research the independent reviews for yourself.

    The best warranties
    We pride ourselves on offering customer’s peace of mind. We offer the best warranties out in market. Compare ours to our competitors, and you’ll see for yourself.

    Low-cost solutions
    We know everyone’s financial situation differs. That’s why we have packages that make solar accessible for the everyday Australian.

    We’ve got your back
    Through the whole process, our team are here to assist you. Call us anytime – 24 hours a day. We’re with you every step of the way.

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