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Why Queensland Is One of the Best Locations in the World for Solar

Solar can save you thousands

Why Queensland Is One of the Best Locations in the World for Solar


There’s gotta be something positive about this heat, right? Luckily for us, the intense Queensland sun has a pretty great upside – solar energy.

Our world famous sunny weather means we live in the ideal location for solar power. In truth, we have an average of 260 sun days per year, which is almost a world-record.

We’re also record holders in another area. We pay the highest bills in the world. In fact, average prices show that we’re forking out up to 3x more than our American friends.

For a lot of us, we’re almost certainly paying way too much in energy prices – but we have the potential to take back control of our bills.

That’ s where solar comes into the picture. Namely, by utilising our world-class sun hours, we can make a huge impact on our utility bill.



How does a solar energy system actually work?

Your panels work to produce the maximum amount of energy possible.

  1. Solar panels turn sunlight into DC (Direct Current) Electricity
  2. A solar inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity. Appliances use AC electricity to operate. Any excess power is ‘sold’ (in other words, exported for a set rate) back to the grid.
  3. Electricity meters distribute power throughout your home. At night when sunlight is not available,  your household runs on regular AC mains electricity.
  4. Your electricity company tracks the difference in power used vs power generated
  5. The connection to the grid ensures you have continuous access to power supply

So what are the benefits of solar?

1. Saving the Planet. It’s estimated that every kilowatt of installed solar generation prevents over 6,300 kilograms of CO2 during an operating life.

2. Saving Money. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) generated by the system means less energy needed from the grid. And the less power you draw from the grid, the less you pay! By minimising your usage during peak times, you can also directly minimise your electricity bills.




How does it save you money?

Your solar works for you by selling electricity back to the grid. Depending on your feed-in-tariff, you can get over 12c for every kWh you export. This works best if your energy use if efficient, and you don’t use much during the day. However, it will still work for you if you’re home during the daylight – you’ll just use a higher proportion of the electricity you’re creating, and sell less of it back to the grid.

Is it really affordable?


Yes, really! With some incredible tariff rates, there’s never been a better time for solar. The first step can be scary but will have you saving thousands in no time.

SolarKraft makes it easy to install a cost-effective energy solution. We have plans starting from $0 upfront, with regular weekly payments of just $26.50. We also use only the best quality systems, with equipment from reputable European brands. Our team is always on-hand to answer any questions – even after your contract is signed.

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