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Solar Analytics tracking software. Direct to your phone. Worth it or data overload?

Solar Analytics tracking software. Direct to your phone. Worth it or data overload?

Donald Trump is pulling out of the Paris Agreement, so the future of our environment now lies in your hands. No pressure! To do your bit, you’ve bought a solar system. Awesome! Now you just sit back and watch your power bill plummet, right? Well, yes. But your journey to deeper pockets and earth-saving doesn’t end there.

The initial purchase is just the start. It’s estimated that at any one time, more than 1 in 2 solar systems are not performing to capacity. To get the best bang for your hard-earned buck, you and your system must help each other out. A dynamic duo, working in tandem; it helps you save money, you help it save the planet.

There are three main aspects to consider with solar power:
    1. Ensuring your new system is generating the maximum amount of energy to power your home;
    2. Tailoring usage to maximise the sun’s rays, minimising your reliance on the coal burning-grid; and, as a result,
    3. Feeding back into the grid at the optimal time to earn you the most money and reduce your electricity bill.

    With the impending ubiquity of batteries and energy storage, these factors will become increasingly important. This can be an overwhelming thought. How am I supposed to know when to do the washing? Turn on the dishwasher? Crank the air-conditioning? SolarKraft can and will set you on the right track, but we’re talking about the opportunity for 24/7 efficiency here.

    It’s really not as hard as you think. Renewable energy is inherently innovative, and solar technology is at the forefront. The software is now so advanced that it help you achieve the above and more, with Australian companies proving themselves to be global trendsetters.

    Take Sydney startup Solar Analytics for example.

    The company provides monitoring systems that give you real-time information on:

      1. Your solar energy system’s performance.
      2. Your energy usage.
      3. When and how you’re loading your system.
      4. How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day.
      5. Alerts and faults diagnostics.

      The dashboard answers all the questions you might have about efficiency. No more pondering about the best time to turn on the pool pump. Less stress over wasting hot water. More time feeling comfortable that your system is working for you, and your back pocket. To give you an idea on the amount of money you could save (or the amount of extra money you may be spending without reason), have a look at this calculator:


      Now traditionally, the most common time to figure that a system is underperforming is the arrival of your quarterly electricity bill. That’s potentially hundreds of dollars going to an electricity company that should be staying in your bank account. That’s not good enough. Do you really want to help send some big CEO to the Maldives for a month? I didn’t think so.

      With monitoring, if your system isn’t working to the best of its ability, it will let you know immediately. But just as importantly, it will also notify your solar installer. Here at SolarKraft, if we find our your solar system is underperforming, we’ll get in contact with a resolution for you as soon as possible. It’s measures like this, going above and beyond, that separates SolarKraft from an average installer. We love the earth, and helping you save cash is a pretty good bonus.

      While you can put a value on your savings, you can’t place one on peace of mind. Monitoring software, like that provided by Solar Analytics, goes even further to help you sleep well at night. Having a third party keeping track of your system gives you data evidence to support any potential fault claims that you may have, either with the manufacturer or the installer.

      Some more considerations of installing monitoring software:
        1. If you’re thinking about upgrading your system with batteries in the future, take the guesswork out of choosing the right size. With accurate production and consumption data, you can make an informed decision on the battery model that’s appropriate for you.
        2. Wifi can be unreliable. Solar Analytics connects via 3G, limiting dropouts and avoiding interruptions when Dodo takes the afternoon off.

        So unless you’ve got enough time on your hands to rush around your home and monitor your energy usage each and every day – let’s face it, these days most of us barely have time to breathe – monitoring software is the next step to saving you mountains of cash. Buying a solar system will help you keep more of your hard-earned, but the opportunity is there to help you squeeze as much out of your investment as possible.

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  • Ted Peterson
    Posted at 02:20h, 26 September Reply

    Great article. Yes, you are right about “Buying a solar system will help you keep more of your hard-earned, but the opportunity is there to help you squeeze as much out of your investment as possible.”

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