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    Logan City Solar Installation for Commercial & Residential Premises


    If you’re living in Logan City and you’re thinking of making the switch to solar energy, you will find the best deals on Logan City solar installation at SolarKraft. We provide the best brands in solar energy products at unbeatable prices and we perform a top notch installation service as well, so you will be assured of having a safe and reliable solar energy system installation.



    It’s time to start saving on your energy costs

    Australian electricity rates are the highest in the world. In Queensland we’re fortunate enough to be only slightly high, but in some other states, such as South Australia and Western Australia, the electricity costs are well above even the most expensive European rates. This is slightly ironic, because many of the energy companies in Australia are based in Europe, and they know European people wouldn’t tolerate the high prices they are charging in Australia.

    It’s even more ironic when you consider that the raw materials needed for energy production are produced in Australia, so unlike most areas of Europe, we don’t need to import these materials to produce our power. We should be paying less, but we’re paying much more. Want to put an end to those insanely high power bills? You can do it, and the first step is making the decision to switch to solar power.

    Solar power systems do cost a lot of money to purchase, but their cost is reduced through government rebates and other incentives, and the savings you make on your energy costs will over time pay the entire cost of your purchase.


    SolarKraft makes Logan City solar installation accessible

    The main barrier for most people that prevents them making the switch to solar is the intimidating price tag. We’ve fixed that for you by creating a $0 upfront deal where you can pay off the balance of your solar energy system over a period of 3 to 7 years.

    Given that the energy savings generated by a typical solar energy system recover the full purchase price within 2 to 5 years, you should come out ahead by deciding to go solar.

    You won’t pay more when you choose an appropriate solar power system for your needs, and we’ve made it easier than ever to make your solar dreams a reality.


    The best deals on Logan City solar panels

    You won’t find better deals on Logan City solar panels from any other provider. When you buy from SolarKraft, you are getting the very best brands with assured quality and reliability. You also have expert installation and warranties you can truly depend on from industry leading manufacturers.


    Experts in Logan City solar installation

    As your local solar energy experts, it also fits that we’re the best choice for Logan City solar installation, even if you purchased your system elsewhere. We have top technicians in the field of solar energy who can ensure your system meets the highest standards for safety and reliability.


    Logan City commercial solar installation

    At SolarKraft we deal with residential and commercial customers. Many industrial operations would like to reduce their energy costs and improve their environmental profile by switching to sustainable energy, and we can help your business to achieve these goals.

    Our expert consultants can tailor advice to the individual needs of your location, and we can supply and install the best systems to meet your particular needs. We are the best at Logan City solar installation, and you will see why in just one phone call. Make that call today and see the difference you will get from working with SolarKraft. We also provide high end commercial solar panels as well as solar drones.


    Popular Packages

    Flex 300 Panels with Sunnyboy Inverter
    6kW+ Specials
    Flex Packages
    Q Cells 305 Panels with Fronius Primo Inverter
    Fronius + Q Cells Packages

    Why Solar?

    Lower energy costs
    Reduce your electricity bill instantly and for years to come.

    Save money
    With solar you’ll get a return on your investment in years to come. Invest money now to save more later.

    Help the environment
    Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Don’t contribute to global warming – be part of the solution!

    Energy independence
    SolarKraft can create fully independent sustainable power solutions, so you can go completely off grid!

    Why SolarKraft?

    We’re different
    We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing solar providers dedicated to customer service. Research the independent reviews for yourself.

    The best warranties
    We pride ourselves on offering customer’s peace of mind. We offer the best warranties out in market. Compare ours to our competitors, and you’ll see for yourself.

    Low-cost solutions
    We know everyone’s financial situation differs. That’s why we have packages that make solar accessible for the everyday Australian.

    We’ve got your back
    Through the whole process, our team are here to assist you. Call us anytime – 24 hours a day. We’re with you every step of the way.

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