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Redback Solar Technologies

Introducing the Redback System, intelligent technology that gives you the power to store, monitor and manage your home’s solar energy all in a compact, elegantly designed unit mounted either inside or outside your home.


Solar technology is improving all the time, making it easier for all Australians to make the necessary switch to using solar power. Redback is a solar technology manufacturer with a focus on creating the most efficient solar solutions for both industrial and residential applications. Redback makes highly efficient solar inverters, but it’s not just their efficiency that makes them a top choice. Redback solar inverters are also smart technology.


Redback Solar Products

Redback solar products include the SH5000 Smart Hybrid System, designed for grid connected solar energy systems. Consisting of a 5kW inverter and battery enclosure (BE 13200), the system is capable of storing up to 13.2 kWh of electricity. The inverter contains computer hardware, running controller software that allows you to monitor and manage every aspect of your energy consumption. It also provides you the benefit of instant UPS for your entire home in case of grid failure.

The SH5000 allows input from your solar PV arrays, and also allows both input from and output to the utility grid. Incoming energy can power appliances in your home and charge the solar backup battery, while excess energy can feed back to the grid, lowering your energy costs.

The inverter is IP65 rated and can be safely installed indoors our outdoors, which ever is most convenient for you. The system can be cloud connected, allowing you to monitor from any other cloud connected personal computer, smartphone or tablet. The battery enclosure is IP54 rated, has dual variable speed fans to help with internal cooling, is pre-wired for quick and safe installation, and has a storage capacity of up to 13.2kWh. The front panels are made from durable die cast powder coated aluminium, which is both strong and light weight.

Other features of this system are low noise levels (under 25dB), a 12 month warranty on the battery enclosure, a five year warranty on the inverter, and a smart user interface with front multicoloured LED indicators, integrated WiFi and ethernet for cloud connection, web application for monitoring by PC, Android and iOS apps for monitoring on smartphones or tablets, and 3 utility grade Class 1 energy meters.

The SH5000 inverter and BE13200 battery enclosure can each be purchased separately, but they work best together and when combined they form the SH5000 hybrid system.


Why buy your Redback Solar solutions from SolarKraft?

SolarKraft is one of Australia’s most innovative companies when it comes to solar technology. We have experienced solar engineers and technicians with decades of experience, ready to install your new energy system to the highest standards of safety, and also able to provide you with all the advice you need to make informed choices.

SolarKraft offers all our clients the same high standards and professionalism, with many advantages for you, including:

  • The best solar technology and brands, ensuring you are getting the best deals on everything you buy from us in terms of quality, performance, and warranty coverage.
  • Expert installers. All installers are fully qualified and properly licensed, so you can be assured of the safety of your installation, and that your system will be installed correctly so it operates as expected right from the very first day.
  • Complementary consultation. We can explain everything you need to know about solar energy, including the potential return on investment, with advice tailored specifically to your individual situation.
  • Top quality customer service. We provide the kind of service you expect to receive from every business you deal with, but rarely receive. We are determined to give you the very best service. Whether you just need some advice, need technical support, or require repairs, we’re here for you and we won’t let you down.

Buying Redback Solar technology from SolarKraft is one of the smartest choices you can make when it comes to grid connected solar energy systems so contact us today for more information.


How it works

Learn how a Redback System works together to provide your home with reliable solar energy, as well as great savings.

Use it. Store it. Sell it. Save.


With the Redback Smart Hybrid System, you’ve got options. Its advanced hybrid technology with battery manages and stores solar energy, which you can save for your own personal use or sell back to the grid. Your choice. Either way, you’ll save on your power bills and use more of what you generate.


For your household, a Redback Smart Hybrid System equals:

Backed by the sun and a 5-year warranty


Installing the reliable Redback Smart Hybrid System means cheaper power bills and no power outages. All at a fraction of the upfront cost of other high-quality inverter systems.

And then there’s this comforting thought: whatever you outlay initially, you’ll recoup in energy savings over time.

Not only that, we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a 5-year warranty.

Renewable energy never looked so good


Sleek, sophisticated and incredibly efficient, the Redback Smart Hybrid System is changing the face of solar power.

Seattle-based design consultancy Teague collaborated with Redback to create a system that is aesthetically pleasing and high-performing.

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