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Solar Drones in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Introducing solar drone maintenance systems.

We understand that investing in a solar system is a significant financial investment, so you want to ensure that your system is performing at 100% capacity at all times. SolarKraft is one of Australia’s first investors in solar drone maintenance technology – capable of locating faults in solar systems of any size from small domestic systems to large scale solar farms. No business shut-downs or operational implications required.

Traditional forms of solar panel maintenance involving ground thermal imaging have some limitations that make an accurate analysis and reporting troublesome. New technology affixed to drones allows our maintenance experts to achieve the perfect angles to obtain precise and clear imaging results. Drone technology allows us at SolarKraft to both efficiently and effectively analyse your system & ensure it’s performing at 100%. A drone thermal imaging scan alongside a full visual examination will minimise any imminent threats and keep performance on track. Don’t wait until your next power bill to see if your system is underperforming, schedule your maintenance check up today.

Example Drone Analysis Imagery

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Maintenance Reports

With each monitoring service, you’ll receive a detailed performance report. This report includes:

  • Detailed breakdown of performance metrics
  • System imagery taken from the drone
  • Thermal imaging report
  • Highlighted areas of concern including panel damage, hotspots, or substantial temperature differences across panels.

Potential faults that may be discovered include:

  • Hotspots
  • Microcracking
  • Interconnection Issues
  • Defective Cells
  • Panel Failure
  • Connection Failures
  • De-energized Systems
  • Internal Short Circuits
  • Faulty Bypass Diodes
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Mould Build Up
  • Storm Damage
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Benefits of solar drone maintenance:

The most accurate effective approach to solar PV maintenance.

No production or power shutdowns required.

Fast service – thousands of panels able to be inspected per day.

Locate visual damage panels including cracks int he glass, manufacturing faults & storm/hail damage.

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