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Solar Panels

You’ve decided to go solar and are in search of panels or solutions for your installation. REC’s combination of product quality, company reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal brand for your solar investment, whether residential, commercial or utility scale. Norwegian company – manufactured in Singapore.Because of REC’s sustainable business practices and continuous delivery of high-quality solar solutions, REC is preferred by banks, lenders, investors, and end-customers as a sound investment.

Driven by innovations in technology and an effective brand strategy, Phono Solar continuously extends the industry chain downstream and has realised moderate horizontal expansion to transform into a renewable energy solutions provider, who is committed to customer packaged solution for energy supply, energy management, energy saving and energy storage. Phono is a global FORTUNE 500 company, DNVGL Top Performer, Tier 1 Bloomberg manufacturer.

Trina Solar’s mission is to make clean, reliable solar energy accessible to everyone. They are committed to protecting the environment and spearheading industry-wide changes with groundbreaking and innovative research and development. With almost 20 years in the solar industry, Trina Solar’s experience, high-quality products and technological innovations have propelled them to be the leading photovoltaic module manufacturer in the world.

When you are buying a solar module from LG you are dealing with an international company giving you peace of mind. The LG logo represents LG’s commitment to cutting edge technology and durability standards which have guided LG for over 50 years. LG is a world class solar panel manufacturer using a positive tolerance only grading system for their solar panels. The LG solar manufacturing plant contains state-of-the art testing laboratories.

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