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Solar Power Systems in Newcastle


By now everyone would be aware of the benefits that would come from installing solar power systems in Newcastle. It’s a very sensible thing to do for many reasons.

The main reason is that it’s making a positive change toward helping the environmental health of the planet to recover. That’s definitely the most important reason to consider converting to solar power in Newcastle.

While the cost savings and promise of selling back energy to the power companies can be a tempting you to purchase a grid connect PV system, it actually does make sense to carefully evaluate whether this is truly the best choice.

As a mining area, Newcastle has demonstrated an occasional tendency to be struck by earthquakes, the biggest and most destructive in recent history occurring in December 1989. There have also been serious floods in the region, with the most destructive occurring in 1955 and 2007. The area is also notorious for serious bush fires.

The point of all this is that with so many natural disasters that could affect you, deciding between a grid connected system and an off grid system is a serious choice you will have to make.

The potential problem with a grid-connected system is that there’s an assumption that the power grid will always be there, reliably ready to deliver power to you and accept power from you. As the 2017 crisis in Puerto Rico so effectively demonstrates, this is not a situation that can be certain of.

Off grid systems give you total independence from the grid system. If you can survive the initial disaster, your odds of surviving the aftermath are greatly improved.

The freedom of an off grid solar power system is therefore quite desirable, but the higher cost involved in establishing an off grid system is sometimes a major factor in the decision people make.

What makes the real difference in terms of cost is the requirement in off grid systems for purchasing battery storage, which is not required for grid-connected systems.

One thing that is certain is that whatever kind of solar energy system you install, it will improve your quality of life. At the very least you’ll save some money on your energy bills and you’ll be helping the environment.


Setting Up Your Solar Power System

Putting together a solar power system in Australia is actually not very difficult. Here’s what you need for an off grid system:

  • Solar panel array
  • Solar charge controller
  • Solar batteries
  • Solar inverter

There are other optional components, but those are the essentials. For a grid connected system, you would need:

  • Solar panel array, and either:
    • solar charge controller and central inverter, or
    • micro inverters (one for each panel)

Again there are optional components you could add as enhancements, but these are the essential items. You can also see it’s a much shorter list for the grid connected system compared with the off grid system, but that’s the reason why the latter is more flexible.


Solar Power in Newcastle

We supply and install solar power systems in New South Wales as well as Queensland including, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Newcastle. To speak with one of our specialists and find out how we can get your solar system up and running, get in touch with us today.

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