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Special Benefits


Besides all the materialistic advantages, by going solar you can leave a safe Planet to your kids!


Solar power not only relieves the household budget, but also the environment. Because the electricity produced in this way is clean and CO2-neutral.


In just 1 hour, the Earth receives more energy from the sun than our society consumes in a year. Make the sun your new energy provider. 


Why Solar is for Me?

The demand for usable natural energy is steadily increasing. SolarKraft is one of the leading Solar energy providers in Australia. We have a huge range of Solar panels Melbourne and help clients harness massive savings. Find out how an intelligent energy management system comfortably controls your electricity flows in the house while you sit back and save.

Which solar system is right for your home?

Choosing the proper PV system for your situation depends on several factors, like your household’s energy requirements, current energy bills, geographical location and therefore the weather. If you reside in a neighborhood with frequent heavy rain or high winds, for instance , you’ll got to select a system you that’s durable enough to face up to the conditions.

Once you’ve got a thought of the panels you would like , it’s important to seek out out the following:

– Efficiency rating, compared with the industry average of 16% to 18%
– Check the warranty available against the industry average of 10 to 25 years
– Compare the cost to the expected relative efficiency, to determine value for money.

Panels usually fall into premium, standard or economy categories, and prices vary accordingly, as do durability, warranties, and manufacturing quality. Read the reviews available on different types of panels and request quotes from several solar installation companies. This allows you to source a range of recommendations, which will help you decide.

Is going Solar worth it?

The solar rebates and incentives available to Australian residents can make a huge difference in the cost of your initial investment. They not only make going solar cheaper, but provide reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. The combined cost and environmental benefits make it worthwhile to think about installing a system on your home.


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Solar systems for private households are growing rapidly. If you look at the roofs in your own village or town, you will notice a lot of free roofs. However, solar systems are particularly well suited to independence from rising electricity prices, particularly in the private household sector.


Photovoltaics are not only a possibility of independence for private households, but also for businesses. The electricity consumption of a trade is of course significantly higher than that of a private household, and thus there are also higher electricity costs. For a business, a solar system can greatly reduce fixed costs. The payback time is usually shorter than a residential installation




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