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    7 Steps to go Solar

    Step 1: A bright idea!

    You decide to take the first step toward going solar to control energy costs, lower your  electricity bill and help the environment.

    Step 2: Call SolarKraft for advice

    We will match you with one of our knowledgeable solar consultants for an either online or face-to-face consultation.

    Step 3: System design & consultation

    As part of our renewable energy consultation we provide you with figures on financial returns, system performance estimates, solar panel placement, honest advice and information. Based on that outcome we’ll tailor a solar package to suit your needs.

    Step 4: Agreement

    We ask for this so we can allocate stock. You’ll secure predictable solar costs for years to come depending on your payment option with no hidden fees. All backed by our world class warranties.

    Step 5: System installation

    Our accredited solar installers will install your solar system, ensuring all regulations and standards are met.

    Step 6: Customer satisfaction & payment

    You and the installer will go through a checklist ensuring you are satisfied with the installation. Once you are satisfied, we will ask you to pay the remaining balance or sign the authority form for your preferred finance option.

    Step 7: Solar system activation

    Once your utility provider gives approval, you can start generating your own clean free energy through solar.

    Done! Happy savings

    Smile when you receive your electricity bills and enjoy clean solar energy for years to come!

    Why Solar?

    Lower energy costs
    Reduce your electricity bill instantly and for years to come.

    Save money
    With solar you’ll get a return on your investment in years to come. Invest money now to save more later.

    Help the environment
    Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Don’t contribute to global warming – be part of the solution!

    Energy independence
    SolarKraft can create fully independent sustainable power solutions, so you can go completely off grid!

    Why SolarKraft?

    We’re different
    We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing solar providers dedicated to customer service. Research the independent reviews for yourself.

    The best warranties
    We pride ourselves on offering customer’s peace of mind. We offer the best warranties out in market. Compare ours to our competitors, and you’ll see for yourself.

    Low-cost solutions
    We know everyone’s financial situation differs. That’s why we have packages that make solar accessible for the everyday Australian.

    We’ve got your back
    Through the whole process, our team are here to assist you. Call us anytime – 24 hours a day. We’re with you every step of the way.

    Our Work

    Solar Panels in Brisbane

    SolarKraft is one of the most innovative solar companies in Brisbane, offering solar energy solutions in various system sizes.

    Solar power is really about to take off in a major way, and of course that revolution is long overdue. SolarKraft offers the best advice on solar in Brisbane, and is where you should come for all your solar energy needs.


    In the modern world, there’s simply no getting away from the fact that one of the most extremely important things for each and every one of us to consider is the impact that our day to day lives are having on the environment around us and the planet as a whole.

    Unfortunately, many people in Brisbane and across Australia falsely believe that making environmentally friendly choices invariably means making choices that are expensive and inconvenient. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth: in fact, there are plenty of investments that Brisbane home and business owners can make which prove to be beneficial to both the environment and the individual.

    Investing in solar panel systems is one of the very best things that anyone can do to help the environment whilst simultaneously making a financially-wise decision for their home or business. We all know that moving away from traditional energy sources and towards renewable, sustainable alternatives is one of the single most important aspects of becoming a greener society, but not so many of us are aware of just how beneficial the immediate results are too.

    Solar panels make a home or business significantly more self-sufficient when it comes to electricity, meaning that it relies less and less on the supply provided by the grid. This naturally means that monthly utility bills are immediately cut, helping to earn back the money spent on the initial investment from day one.

    Plus, thanks to Brisbane’s plentiful sunshine, many people who invest in solar technology find that they’re actually using less energy than their new solar panels are harvesting. In this circumstance, electricity gets automatically sold back to the grid – meaning the owner of the panels ends up receiving money from the electricity company rather than the other way around.

    All of these things mean that, when they invest in solar, Brisbane locals can expect to make their money back within a few short years. Any savings or profits that their solar panels create after this point will be money in your pocket!

    Why Choose SolarKraft for Your Brisbane Solar Panels

    If you live and/or work in or around Brisbane, solar panel systems have never been easier and more affordable to access than they are today.

    Here at SolarKraft, we’ve been providing solutions to all of Brisbane’s solar panel needs for many years, and we’re on a mission to ensure that the people of Brisbane always have access to the technology and the expertise that they need in order to make environmentally friendly decisions and investments.

    As a result, we’ve worked tirelessly to pioneer an approach that always prioritises carefully balancing the interests of our customers with the long-term needs of the environment.

    This means that more and more people are coming to us not just because they want to help in the effort to become a more sustainable society, but also because they’ve discovered that, when they invest in solar, Brisbane residents can expect to enjoy lower electricity bills and a more reliable energy supply.

    And, when they buy their solar technology from SolarKraft, Brisbane solar investors can rest assured that our superior equipment and workmanship will ensure that they’re perfectly placed to receive a return on their investment as quickly as possible. We’re always happy to send one of our team to provide a unique quote; so, to purchase Brisbane’s finest solar technology for your home or business and start reaping the financial rewards, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today to find out more information about any of our products or services.

    Brisbane Solar – Get The Best

    We can help you with all you need to know about installing solar panels, and we are a leading supplier of solar panels in Brisbane. With the widest range of essentials and accessories in the Brisbane solar market, SolarKraft has everything you’d expect from a commercial solar supplier. That includes everything required for assembling a full Brisbane solar system.

    If your home solar solution can generate more electricity than you need, you may also want to consider investing in a grid connect PV system, so you can sell excessive solar energy back to the power companies. This can help to recover the cost of your investment in solar energy. Grid connected PV systems don’t require battery storage, which results in cost savings, however also requires the continued existence of a power grid. There are plenty of people, especially in Brisbane, who would prefer to be “off the grid”, even if it means sacrificing the potential to sell excess energy.

    No matter what kind of solar electricity system you want to install in Brisbane, SolarKraft can help with supplies, information, delivery, and installation. We provide solar systems supply & installation in New South Wales as well as Queensland including Brisbane, Newcastle & Sunshine Coast.

    The amazing diversity of solar power solutions in Brisbane, Australia today is something to behold. Solar Systems can range in size from simple units designed to power a single appliance to huge installations capable of powering an industrial plant.

    In theory they all work on the same basic principles, but there are considerable differences in the required components and their configuration in the different types of solar systems that can be put together.

    Here are a few typical scenarios where solar might be used:


    Charging 12v batteries for solar use

    The simplest solar power system of all is a simple battery charger. This just connects to the terminals of an ordinary car battery for the purpose of recharging it, however it is important to know that between the solar panel and the battery, you should also use a solar charge controller to make sure the input supply is not too powerful.

    Charging a battery without a controller means there’s now way to ensure a stable input. If the input is too high over a prolonged length of time, the battery will begin bubbling up with hydrogen gas, which is dangerous in a number of ways, so that is why you always need a solar charge controller.


    Charging electric cars

    Another interesting thing you can do with solar panels is use them to charge up your electric car. This is a little more demanding than just charging up an ordinary car battery. This requires around 2kW of solar panels, which translates to somewhere between 8 and 12 square metres of roof space, depending on the quality and type of solar panels you buy.

    Charging the car up while you’re driving it is also a possibility, but in this case you would not get a full charge, and would still eventually need to charge it up. The benefit you would get is that your battery would discharge more slowly. On the other hand you couldn’t just put ordinary solar panels on the car, and the panels you could use would not provide much charge.


    Solar Energy – Powering Your Small Devices

    Small devices are obviously best powered by small solar cells. Because there are so few small devices designed to operate on solar power, you’ll normally need to have some knowledge of electronics and be able to build simple circuits to meet your needs. One of the more important components you can install in a circuit for solar applications is a reverse blocking diode, which will prevent the power from a rechargeable battery draining back out when the panel is not generating input.

    Home made electronic devices are not something everyone will want to go to the trouble of building, but they can be very useful.


    Powering electric fences

    This is a very common use for solar panels, and Queensland has the perfect environment for it. Fortunately most electric fence chargers that can run on solar power already include solar panels, but if they don’t, or the panels you have are damaged, you can buy new ones from SolarKraft.


    Solar Can Power a Small Shed or Campsite in Brisbane

    In this case we’re envisioning a situation where you wouldn’t need to power more than one or two devices at one time. For most applications in this situation, inexpensive 12V panels rated at 100W or more will normally provide sufficient power, and can be connected directly to a 12V appliance, or to a battery that in turn powers a 12V device and is recharged by the solar panel.

    In both situations you will need to use the solar charge controller to ensure the input doesn’t go above safe limits. This is fine for simple things that could be run from a car cigarette lighter socket, for example.

    Solar panels with output lower than 100W are available, but not really recommended, as they won’t normally perform well in this application.


    Powering an entire home (off grid)

    Off grid solar power systems use deep cycle marine batteries for storing power. These are heavy and quite expensive, normally requiring separate storage space outside the home (because batteries can release gases when charging, storing them in ventilated external storage spaces dedicated for the task is a good ideal.

    It is always best to buy as many solar panels as you can afford. Most people cover their entire roof space with panels, but you don’t have to stop there. You can also add additional banks of panels anywhere you have the space to install them.


    Powering an entire home (grid connected)

    The scenario is different here, and the motive is also different. Here you’re not storing electricity for later use, and you do consume some mains power when there’s no sunlight present for power generation.

    The power you do generate will help power appliances in your home, with excess power being fed back to the grid, which power companies are usually willing to pay you for.


    Brisbane Solar – Talk to SolarKraft

    We’re always happy to help people understand more about solar energy and the many benefits it can provide for your personal economy and for the environment. Solar power is not just a good idea, it’s something everyone should have. Talk to SolarKraft today to find out more about how solar power can improve your life.


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