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SolarKraft – Working with ABB to provide sun to socket solutions

Inverters play a crucial role in your solar installation. As the conversion point for the electricity from your roof to change into household electricity, it’s vital that it has assured efficiency over a long period of time. ABB is a reliable brand of inverters, with a proven track record in solar for almost 30 years. Read on to see some of the solutions we can provide you with.

Experience, Proven Expertise, and a Global Presence

ABB started in the late 1800’s as manufacturers of electrical lighting and generators. They have achieved many milestones in history, including building the first ever European steam turbine in 1901. Innovation runs in their blood, and they’ve expanded continuously, with operations now in over 100 countries.

ABB is the second-highest producer of solar inverters in the world, and have been in the power conversion sector for 40 years. With extensive testing and constant improvement, they are a reliable brand with assured quality.

Advantages of ABB Inverters

Reliable Name


ABB is one of the longest-running names in energy, and is the largest builder of electricity grids in the world. They’ve proven their consistently high quality over the last century, and continue to provide excellent products.

Innovation & Future-Proofing

ABB work to innovate solutions around-the-clock, and have spent the last 40 years developing their power conversion technology. They’ve also moved into robotics and process automation, which means that their production is quicker and more consistent than ever.

Efficiency Beyond the Average

ABB inverters boast conversion efficiencies of up to 98.8%, an incredible standard in the solar industry. The simplified system is also easy to install, reducing the time and cost for you.


ABB 1.2-5



1.2 to 5 kW

Single-phase output

Ideal for small residential systems

Lightweight + compact

Wireless access

ABB 5-6



5 to 6 kW

Single-phase output

Ideal for larger residential system

Real-time wireless monitoring

High efficiency

ABB 5.8-8.5



5.8 to 8.5 kW

Three-phase output

Ideal for large residential systems

Natural cooling mechanism

Remote updating

ABB 10-12.5



10 to 12.5 kW

Three-phase output

Ideal for small commercial systems

Stable performance

Real-time tracking


SolarKraft believes in maintaining excellent quality service for the long term. ABB share this vision – as the second-largest provider of solar inverters in the world, they work hard to provide excellent service and reliability. We want to give you the best system possible for your needs, and ABB’s range of inverters allow for flexible solutions.

abb residential



ABB inverters have a guaranteed long life, and construction that ensures they will withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Their sealed units ensure that no part of the system is exposed to any corrosive or damaging elements, and allow for easy installation.



ABB inverters are wifi enabled, allowing your system to move with the times. The benefits of this innovation are two-fold. Not only can you monitor your usage in real-time, your system will also update itself to keep it efficient and secure.

future proof
ABB Europe



With an extensive European production history, ABB has near-unparalleled quality standards. Most of their innovation and development still occurs in Switzerland, ensuring that you receive only the best products.

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