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BYD + SolarKraft – Build Your Dream system with us


There are so many factors involved in choosing your solar panels that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. We make it easier for you by ensuring that we partner with only the best names in solar panels. Here at SolarKraft, peace of mind is priceless. Have a look at our selection of BYD panels to decide what’s right for you.

BYD: Focused on High Quality, Sustainability and Reliability


BYD specialise in using a fully automated production line, from the first wafer through to the finalised panel. This unique system ensures peak reliability in the finished panels. They also have excellent salt corrosion resistance, which is ideal for harsh Australian coastal locations.


SolarKraft is dedicated to working with sustainable, reliable brands. This is why we work with BYD – providing customers with reputable brands, excellent service, and quality installation.

Benefits for Our Customers

Guaranteed Long Life

BYD offers a 12 year product warranty, and a 25 year performance warranty. This means that you never have to worry about your panels – they’ve got your back.

Built to Last

BYD’s panels are built to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. They can deal with the intense heat, salty air, and battering winds.

Backed by Experts

Warren Buffett BYD

BYD’s innovative products have drawn the attention of high-flying investors such as Warren Buffett. Almost ten years ago he invested several million dollars in the emerging company, and since then he has worked with them to develop multiple areas of the business. He describes CEO Wang Chuanfu as “a combination of Thomas Edison and Bill Gates”.

Panel Types

BYD P6C-24

BYD P6C-24


Average efficiency 17.8%

48 Cells


Polycrystalline Silicon

BYD P6C-30

BYD P6C-30


Average efficiency 17.8%

60 cells


Polycrystalline Silicon

BYD P6C-36

BYD P6C-36


Average efficiency 17.8%

72 cells


Polycrystalline Silicon

Why BYD + SolarKraft?


Part of the impact of going solar is that you’ll reduce your environmental impact, and move towards being more sustainable. This is a vision shared by both BYD and SolarKraft, who are dedicated to providing solar solutions that will last for years to come. BYD’s reliable panels are expertly installed by our team, ensuring you receive the best system possible.

BYD Panel Installation

Reliable and Sustainable

With some of the longest warranties available, you can rest easy knowing that your system is guaranteed to last. The panels also have some of the most reliable efficiency rates on the market and are available in many variations to suit your energy needs.

Dependability of Market Veterans

BYD has been on the market since 1995, and have the experience and skills to last. They move with the times and are always seeking innovations and developments.

The BYD Team

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