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Commercial Solar in Brisbane, Newcastle & Sunshine Coast

Advanced Commercial Solutions

Our constant focus on improving our technology stack, installation processes & performance analysis procedures is what sets us apart from other solar installers. With SolarKraft, you know your system will be designed, installed & monitored to the absolute highest professional standard. We work with Clean Energy Council approved installers, and our partner installers are ISO9001 certified. Additionally, we follow strict regulatory, OHS, environmental and quality assurance guidelines to ensure all of our system installations are free from complications. This means with SolarKraft; your business is in safe hands.

How Solar Works For Your Business

Solar works by converting sunlight rays into DC electricity through your solar panels. A solar inverter then converts the DC power in a 240V AC, so that it can be used to power your commercial property. Your utilities will draw power from the system first, and then from the grid if you require more.




Solar Panels

The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) throughout the day.



This device converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.


Electrical Panel

The AC electricity is sent from the inverter to your electrical panel to power your lights and appliances with solar energy. The electrical panel is often called a ‘breaker box’.


Utility meter

The utility meter measures your energy use. Excess solar energy offsets some of the energy you use at night.


Utility grid

Your business is still connected to the grid. You’ll need that power from the utility company at night, but don’t worry, some of the cost can be offset by any excess solar energy you put into the grid during the day.


KraftAnalytics Monitoring System

Our exclusive Kraft Analytics monitoring system continuously tracks your energy production and ensures that your solar power system is running smoothly. It will even alert you and our repair crews in the rare event that problems arise.

Our Approach

Pragmatic decision-making is at the core of our approach to formulating customised renewable energy solutions.


Client consultation & needs analysis

A clear understanding of your business, physical assets & unique energy consumption profile is paramount in formulating a cost-efficient solar solution. With every new commercial solar enquiry, we firstly undertake a comprehensive consultation process with you or your project manager.


Site inspection

A site inspection enables our consultants to further understand unique aspects of your commercial business to be considered when designing your solar system. This core step helps ensure no complications with installation occur.


Data analysis and system selection

Our usage experts will request a number of documents related to your business & energy consumption profile. This information, coupled with an understanding of your power costs, allows us to tailor a unique solution for your business, completely customised to maximise your return on investment.


Virtual modelling and construction analysis

A clear understanding of your business, physical assets & unique energy consumption profile is paramount in formulating a cost-efficient solar solution. With every new commercial solar enquiry, we firstly undertake a detailed consultation process with you or your project manager.


System installation

A primary element of any solar solution is the installation phase. Our installers hold the highest accreditation within the solar industry in Australia, working closely with our system design specialists, to ensure your commercial-scale system is installed safely, securely and in the most efficient manner.


Ongoing maintenance and service

To maximise your return on investment, we closely monitor your system’s performance & output to ensure it’s operating as planned. If there is ever an issue with your system, or a fault occurs, we will know about it in real time, and can dispatch a technician immediately. This ultimately ensures maximum energy production with minimal downtime, protecting your return on investment.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

There are many advantages to business that come from investing in solar energy. The needs for business are generally higher than they are for residential installations, but the basic principles are the same.

SolarKraft specialises in providing robust turnkey solar solutions that can meet the needs of any customer. These scalable solar solutions make it easy to take a modular approach to solar energy expansion.

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We are able to advise you about installing commercial solar in Brisbane, Newcastle, the Sunshine Coast, and many other locations in Queensland and New South Wales.

The specific advantages you might receive from your decision to upgrade your business to using commercial solar in Newcastle, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast depend to a large extent on the size of your installation and even the geographic location.

Another factor is the type of installation. The typical commercial solar power system will be a grid connected PV system to allow reselling surplus generated energy (which can be substantial on weekends and holidays if your business is closed at these times). Most commercial locations have far more solar panels than a residential installation, meaning very large amounts of power can be generated.

On the other hand, there can be substantial advantages derived by creating an off grid commercial solar installation. This will be of most benefit to a business that requires having absolutely uninterrupted energy supply at all times.

Being independent of the power grid means your business is not affected by general blackouts, and can stay up and running even in the event of a natural disaster (convincing your staff to stay on site could be a different matter, however).


How Commercial Solar System Can Help Your Business

Solar power systems help improve energy efficiencies, and provide an energy boost at peak demand times when there is a hybrid or grid connected system in use. There can also be incentives provided by the ATO and other government agencies for installing renewable energy systems (refer to individual agency websites for more information).

Apart from the many advantages and incentives offered for installing solar energy, there is something that should not be overlooked which is that there are also goodwill benefits that can result. The reputation of your business as being environmentally  conscious is a good way to improve your relationship with the local community, customers in general, and even your own employees.

There is a certain pride that employees can assume from the fact that the organization they work for is committed to helping the environment through clean energy initiatives, especially if competitors in your own industry are known not to be. This can have a positive effect on morale, which may be measured in decreased staff turnover rates (or increased staff retention), better productivity, improved team cohesion, and a generally more cheerful workplace.

Commercial solar arrays can be made even more efficient through the use of auto-rotators. These are computer controlled robotic devices that will lock your solar panels onto the Sun during day light hours and ensure they obtain maximum exposure. You will have already seen this technology in use on US government installations, including military bases and large scale energy farms. It is not generally used in residential applications due to the higher cost of the required hardware. For a business, however, it is a viable option, as it ensures maximum generation of energy at all times throughout the day.

Increased energy generation means greater cost savings and better energy availability as and when you need it. Whatever way you look at it, arranging for the installation of commercial solar in Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, or Brisbane is a very sensible idea for any business.


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To find out more about what’s involved in the process of commercial solar installation, contact SolarKraft. Our business has already helped hundreds of Australian business to make the transition to renewable energy, as well as thousands more residential customers.

We’re committed to providing the best quality advice and service in the renewable energy industry, and we stock the finest solar products on the market. Our engineering expertise and superior knowledge of solar technology makes us the perfect renewable energy partner for every Australian business.

Improve your environmental profile, earn government incentives, reduce your energy costs, and much more by transitioning your business to solar energy with help from SolarKraft.

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