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Enphase Inverters

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Enphase + SolarKraft – Safe, reliable shading solutions


Selecting an efficient inverter is crucial to the performance of your system. One of the most efficient forms of inverters is the microinverter, which Enphase have a particular specialty in. They are the leading name in microinverters in Australia, and have a history of being one of the most trustworthy solar brands in the world. SolarKraft is proud to partner with gold-standard brands such as Enphase to provide you with the best system for your needs.

Why choose micro-inverters?

As the name suggests, microinverters are small inverters that work with individual solar panels. They greatly minimise the risk of overheating, which is ideal in the Australian climate of humidity and consistent sunlight. They also maximise energy production even when shading occurs, as each individual panel will work independently. This means that if just one panel is shaded, it won’t affect the others. An individualised system fixes traditional issues caused by ‘string’ inverters, which reduce the output of the entire system if just one panel is affected by shade.

Enphase Advantages


The inverter is what does all the work. While your panel captures sunlight, the inverter works to turn it into usable energy for your house. Enphase gives you the reassurance that your microinverters are of the highest quality, and will be working for you all day long.


Microinverters ensure that your system will run even if one inverter goes down or is affected by shading. Enphase technology is tested rigorously before it is provided to you, and they support their products with the highest warranties in the solar industry.


Every panel will operate at a different efficiency depending on countless factors – shading, dirt, leaves and temperature are just a few. Enphase inverters ensure that your production is maximised at all times of the day, as each panel is able to create its own energy and convert it without being affected by other panels.

How shading solutions work

Enphase microinverters are one of the safest possible solutions for an installation. They don’t use any DC technology on your roof, ensuring your house and panels are running on the same type of electricity. This eliminates the potential for DC isolators to fail, which is one of the most common causes of issues.

You should also seriously consider them if you have any shading issues near your house. As per the video at the top of the page, shading from surrounding trees or structures doesn’t affect the entire system because each panel has its own inverter. This is unusual, as regular inverters will not be able to differentiate between panels, and as such the entire system’s output would be affected.

The Microinverter Range

S230 Enphase
  • 195-285W Panel Pairing
  • Compatible with 60 cell panels
  • 96.7% peak efficiency
  • Simple installation
Enphase s270
  • 230 – 350W pairing
  • Compatible with 60 and 72-cell panels
  • 96.9% peak efficiency
  • 10-year warranty
Enphase IQ7
IQ 7/7+
  • 235 – 400W+ pairing
  • High-powered 60 and 72-cell panel compatibility
  • 96.5% average efficiency
  • Remotely updates

Why Enphase + SolarKraft?

Enphase has a history of extensive testing, high quality, and excellent reliability. SolarKraft proudly works to tailor your system to your needs, and Enphase microinverters are the ideal product for this. With their high-efficiency levels, they are an investment with an assured return.

Advanced Technology


Enphase microinverters offer the best efficiency rates on the market.Each inverter is smart enough to work without relying on other panels or inverters in the system. With continuously advancing technology and remote updating, the inverters are guaranteed to provide you with high production and reliability.

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Guaranteed High Production


Individualised inversion ensures that you won’t have to deal with ‘module mismatch’ – when one panel produces less efficiency and drags down the rest of the system with it. No matter the weather conditions, Enphase microinverters will produce the maximum amount of power for every panel.

Always Connected


Enphase has smart technology installed to keep you up-to-date at all times. With remote updating, you can be sure that your system always has the latest capabilities and best compatibility. Home monitoring software also allows you to constantly keep an eye on your production and usage.

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