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Solar power for $0 upfront.

With Solarkraft, finally, Australian’s have access to state of the art solar power technology, that doesn’t blow your budget. Our experienced consultants work closely with you – finding a package the perfectly suits your energy consumption needs, and most importantly, your financial situation. Our mission is to have a solar power system on every home, and to achieve that, we’ve created a range of affordable solutions for Australian’s from all walks of life.

The best bit is – you’ll earn your money back! With your power bill reducing close to zero (or even with a positive balance in some cases)* every quarter you’re earning a return on your investment in clean – renewable energy.

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  Loan Cash Lease PPA
Down payment $0 down Outright purchase $0 down, full & partial prepay options $0 down, full & partial prepay options
Ownership You You Lessor - Until paid Contract Holder - Until paid
STC Discount Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Payments Fixed* None Fixed Fixed
Production Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy monitoring with Kraft Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roof & system warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Term 3 to 7 years Paid in full 3 to 7 years 5 to 15 years

Book an in-person consultation with one of our solar savings experts to discuss what package is best for you. Don’t worry, it’s completely obligation free… We don’t believe in pushy sales people or scare tactics, at SolarKraft, we keep it real. We’re giving power to the people. See how much you can save today.

*Savings dependent on system type & size.

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