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Flex Panels

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Flex – Leaders in Solar

Flex has produced more than 8 million panels and 10 million microinverters, and are responsible for a quarter of all smart meters in the USA. They’ve provided solutions to more than 20,000 Australian homes, and work with local installers such as SolarKraft to ensure you receive the best installation possible. Read on to see some of the fantastic work they’ve done.

Performance you can count on

Flex has an extensive manufacturing history, having made products for companies such as Nike, Lego, FitBit, Google Chromecast, and many more. They have also worked with other solar companies such as SunPower and Q Cells. As an American-based company with over 200,000 employees in 100 locations, they have over 8 years’ experience in making high-grade solar panels. Their panels have an excellent performance warranty, and are known to be high-quality.

Flex Benefits

Smart Technology

Flex provides you with solutions to turn your home into a connected energy hub. The PowerPlay system can automatically adjust your energy usage based on your installation input and energy needs.

Reliable Quality

With experience manufacturing for leading brands, Flex has proven that their products are high-quality and durable. They are also one of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world, and are a listed Fortune 500 company.

Efficient Materials

Efficient materials are crucial to an effective solar panel, which is why Flex use monocrystalline cells. These are harder to produce, but have higher peak efficiency and are more likely to last for longer.

Flex Panels

Flex 270W

Flex Poly 270


Panel efficiency 16.51%


Anti-reflective coated glass

Flex Mono 290W

Flex Mono 290


17.74% panel efficiency


Anti-reflective coated glass

Flex PERC 285 - 295 mono

Flex PERC Mono

285 – 295 W

Up to 18.04% efficiency


Anti-reflective coated glass

Why Flex + SolarKraft?

Flex only partners with the best local installers, handpicking businesses from around the country that match their goals. Their seal of approval shows that they believe we are one of the best solar companies in the country, and trust that we will use our expertise, industry knowledge, and skilled team to bring excellent service to customers. Our companies work together to give you the best quality installation, tailored to your needs.

Flex PID Free

PID Free

Potential Induced Deterioration occurs in hot and environments when currents run off their desired course and reduce the panel’s maximum power point. It causes long-term issues such as efficiency decreases and fire hazards. Having a PID-free panel ensures that you can install Flex panels in any Australian location without worrying about the weather effects on your installation.

ARC Tempered Glass

All Flex panels feature anti-reflective coated tempered glass, or ARC. This means that the panels work better in low-light conditions such as cloudy days and near sunrise/sunset. Maximising the amount of time that the panels can generate energy enables you to save more money on your bills, and sell more energy back to the grid.

Flex Low-Light Conditions

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