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Fronius Inverters


Fronius – Passionate about innovation, revolution, and advanced technology


As a global leader in inverters, Fronius has been leading the field since 1945. With the drive to achieve new goals and innovate imaginative solutions, they have a clear vision for the future. Read on to see how their family business has helped people to take control of their power.

Shaping the future


Fronius has grown from a small Austrian battery-developer into a multi-national brand. They are recognised as leaders in technology and innovation, and have an ingrained sense of quality that guides all of their endeavours. Despite their growth, they’ve maintained their ‘family-business’ focus, and are currently led by the founder’s granddaughter.

Fronius is one of the leading European companies, and have specialised in solar since 1992. They opened an office in Australia in 2010 to meet increased demand, and have partnered with SolarKraft to provide high-quality installations.

The Fronius Advantage

New Technology Innovations

Fronius inverters feature the “smart grid” connectivity option – this allows the system to adapt to any grid around the world. They have also developed a wide selection of inverters, from grid-connected to string and beyond. They were also one of the first inverters to be named as compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system.

Inventive & Spirited Approach

With a family-business focus and a history of creative solutions, Fronius is certainly one-of-a-kind. Their spirited approach has seen them achieve excellent ratings from customers, and helped to ensure their longevity in the market.

Commitment to Future Sustainability

Fronius has maintained their focus on building a sustainable future. They establish this through their sustainable innovation, high quality, and excellent service. They also use energy efficient machinery in their production processes, minimise waste, and utilise renewable packaging.


Fronius Galvo



1.5kW to 3.1kW

Perfect for households

Integrated data-logging

Self-regulated cooling

Fronius Primo



3.0 to 8.2kW

Ideal for private households

Communication package

Single-phase and transformerless

Fronius Symo Hybrid

Symo Hybrid


AC power 3.0 – 5.0kW

Process power of up to 8kW

Intelligent flow management

All-in-one battery, inverter and monitor

Fronius Symo



3.0 to 20.0  kW

Transformerless, 3-phase

Ideal for unusual roof-shapes

Wireless communication


SolarKraft and Fronius share the vision of creating a sustainable future. We work with Fronius to install the highest quality systems, and ensure that we tailor it to your needs. We also identify with their goal of allowing you to take control of your energy – their smart monitoring systems are just one way of doing this.

Fronius Quality



Fronius is dedicated to providing the highest-quality products possible. With manufacturing still occurring in Europe, their inverters are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand the Australian environment. Their quality also enables Fronius to provide extended warranties, for your peace of mind.



The Fronius production process enables them to develop eco-friendly solutions and consistently optimise their operations. They utilise energy-efficient machines, minimised waste, and renewable resources. This carries into their product development – by ensuring that their inverters have excellent longevity, they can reduce long-term cost and wastage.

Fronius HQ



Fronius’ experience has enabled them to develop three key principles: flexibility, reliability, and optimisation. These concepts enable them to assure a secure long-term investment, and are integrated into their solutions development. Your peace of mind is priceless, and SolarKraft works with Fronius to make sure that you receive the best products for the long-term.

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