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Hanwha Q-CELLS

Hanwha Q-Cells

Hanwha Q-CELLS – Tested, proven and guaranteed


When you’re selecting a system that will offset your bills for the next couple of decades, you want to make sure you’ve made the right decision. Q CELLS, an international brand, takes pride in ‘sweating the small details’ so that they don’t cause issues in the future. They have one of the best long-term performance guarantees available, and take pride in having a proven track record and rock-solid reputation. Read on to see the benefits of using Q CELLS in your system.

Q cells qantum technology

Q CELLS: Working hard and working smart

With a history spanning over 60 years, Q CELLS are dedicated to creating a sustainable future – what they make and what they believe are completely aligned. They work with the VDE Institute, an independent German testing organisation, to rigorously test their panels. The panels are also tested in Australia, in locations such as the Alice Springs desert and the Queensland Cyclone Testing Station. This gives you the confidence to install the panels with the knowledge that they are built to last.

Q CELLS are also tier 1 and have a 20% longer warranty than the industry standard. They are backed by financial institutions as a trustworthy investment, and are supported by SolarKraft as a reliable brand.

Customer Benefits

Salt corrosion resistant

All Q CELLS panels have been constructed to be salt mist corrosion resistant, which ensures they can be installed anywhere in Australia. This ensures that they won’t break down due to seaside conditions, which can often affect panels within a few years of installation.

PID warranty-protected

The 12-year warranty covers Potential Induced Degradation, which can cause issues such as power reduction and fire hazards. They are the only manufacturer to specifically write this into their warranty, which also covers issues such as hot spots.

Consistent Efficiency

In low-light situations, such as cloudy days or when the sun is low, Q CELLS panels still reach 98% of their stated efficiency. This ensures that they are able to work for you for an extended amount of time, therefore increasing your power gains.

Panel types

Q CELLS 290 - 305


290 – 305 kW

18.3% peak efficiency

Low-light efficiency up to 97.5% of peak

Extreme weather rating

Q CELLS Plus 275 - 285


275 – 285 kW

17.1% peak efficiency

Low-light efficiency up to 97.5% of peak

All-weather technology


Q CELLS are dedicated to helping the environment in every way possible. They have no interest in systems that have to be scrapped after a few years – instead, they invest time and research into developing high-quality products. They also believe in developing a sustainable future – something that SolarKraft also consistently works towards. Our ideals align – providing quality products, working towards a sustainable future, and building systems to last over the long-term.

Q Cells testing

Engineered in Germany

Using world-class testing techniques, strict quality control, and intensive research, the Q.ANTUM technology allows the cells to function at optimal levels for longer. They have worked on a variety of performance aspects to improve overall output. This ensures that your system works well consistently, and will bring you higher returns.

Tested in Harsh Conditions

Q Cells panels have been tested in pressures equivalent to a 1-in-500-year cyclone, with better results in each new generation of panels. They have also been tested near Alice Springs to last in desert conditions, and outperformed all other tested brands.

Q Cells family
Q CELLS Building

Long-Term Guarantees

Q CELLS provide a number of solutions to guarantee your peace of mind. Their 12-year warranty exceeds the industry standard, and includes protections such as anti-PID and hot-spot prevention. Potential induced degradation can severely reduce system output and can be an expensive process. Hot-spots can also cause parts of panels to burn out, sometimes to the point that they actually catch fire. Q CELLS’ vice-president product manager has guaranteed that all cells are 100% hot-spot free.

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