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Residential Solar

State of the art technology meets world-class workmanship and customer service.

At SolarKraft we don’t do things in halves. We’re committed to bringing state of the art solar power technology to Australia, combined with world class customer service. We only see the highest performance quality products & pride ourself on outstanding workmanship.

We offer a complimentary no obligation site visit to assess the solar suitability for your home or visit. We understand it’s not always easy to make time to be home so we also offer complimentary online virtual consultations. As part of our renewable energy consultation we will provide you with all the figures on your potential financial returns, system performance estimates plus some honest advice and information.

Start saving on your power bill

Saving with solar is easy. Once your system is set up, you’ll instantly start saving money on your power bill! With the right system to meet your consumption needs, you can bring your power bill close to $0. Imagine that feeling of never having to worry about a power-bill again, that’s power to be people. Switch to solar and secure lower energy rates for years to come.

Solar Systems

Everyone’s home & electricity usage is different. That’s why we stock a wide variety of high quality products so we can fully tailor a solar power solution to your individual needs to maximise your return on investment. With every SolarKraft free quote, we will present a package completely customised to your usage & needs. A few of our favourite packages include:

The Mighty Mini

A small number of high quality panels to maximise output & minimise costs & system footprint.

Package includes:
  • 3KW Solar System
  • 3KW Solar Inverter
Estimated savings:

$990 per year.

Best for:
  • Couples living in a modest home
  • Houses with limited roof space
The Game Changer

Our most popular system. The highest quality inverters and panels available. A cost-effective solution to maximise your return on investment.

Package includes:
  • 6.6KW Solar System
  • 5.0KW Solar Inverter
Estimated savings:

$2,200 per year.

Best for:
  • Families living in an average Australian home
  • Home owners with a pool or air-conditioning
The Power Station

A heavy duty system ready to tackle even the largest of power bills. Commercial scale solar solutions available.

Package includes:
  • 10KW Solar System
  • 10KW Solar Inverter
Estimated savings:

$3,500+ per year.

Best for:
  • Families with power-bills in excess of $800+ a quarter.
  • Commercial businesses

Save even more with Kraft Analytics

Exclusive to SolarKraft get Kraft Analytics with your solar system. With SolarKraft’s monitoring and service package we continuously monitor your systems performance remotely, collecting production data every 5 seconds. If we identify an issue we immediately notify you and if required dispatch a technician to your home within 48 hours.

The Key Benefits

  • Immediately know when your system is underperforming.
  • A Technician onsite within 48 hours of a serious fault or issue.
  • 2 Performance audits p.a.
  • Priority service and parts replacement.
  • Maximising the return on your investment.
  • Expert advice and direction.

The 7 Must-Knows Before Buying Solar

We know there is a lot of information & providers to evaluate when considering solar. Whether or not you choose to go with us at SolarKraft, don’t miss the chance to read our 7 must-knows before buying solar. CLICK HERE

World Class Technology

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