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LONGi Panels

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LONGi Solar – the fastest growing solar manufacturer in the world

When you decide to install solar, you want to make sure that your panels are reliable and effective. That’s why we partner with companies such as LONGi. As a fast-growing company with thousands of employees and a 5-star rating by industry experts, they are an excellent choice for your installation. Find out more about the range below.

LONGi – high-quality cells

LONGi exclusively produces monosilicon cells, which are more difficult to produce but result in a far superior efficiency. This means that your panels will produce far more energy than their competitors due to their quality construction. They are one of the most reliable brands in the industry and provide peace-of-mind for customers with their long performance warranty periods.

SolarKraft proudly uses LONGi to ensure only the best quality installations for our customers.

High Efficiency = More Savings

With cell efficiency of over 21%, you can be assured that your system will be working hard to maximise your savings.

Community Outreach Programs

LONGi proudly supports sustainability and local outreach. They’ve assisted in charity programs such as the 2010 earthquake in China, and contributed to children’s education funds.

#1 Worldwide in Mono-Silicon Cells

LONGi are the largest producers in this category, and are dedicated to constantly improving their range. They focus on these panels because they are more efficient and reliable than their polycrystalline counterparts.

Loni 60



  • 280 – 300W
  • 60 cells
  • Mono technology
  • 17.1% efficiency



  • 330 – 350W
  • Mono technology
  • 72 cells
  • 17-18% efficiency



Getting an efficient panel is one of the most important aspects of installing a system. This is why we’ve partnered with LONGi – their mono-crystalline silicone products have some of the highest efficiencies in the world. They are also the largest producer of these products in the world, which means they are reliable. We’re committed to bringing you the best products and performing quality installations.

Tier One Reliability

LONGi are one of the most reliable brands in Australia, considered to be ‘tier one’ by financial institutions. This means that they are reliable enough for banks and lending companies to trust their longevity.

World-Class Innovators

LONGi are leaders in their field, and continue to break new ground with each passing year. They produce the most mono-crystalline silicon products in the world year after year. Their efficiency ratings are also higher than average, and continue to be improved upon.

LONGi World Innovators
longi install

Statistics that count

LONGi have some incredible statistics, including revenue, expansion rate, and more. Take a look at their website to see a snapshot of their history.

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