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SMA Inverters

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German-engineered SMA inverters are the pinnacle of European technology. As the oldest manufacturer of inverters, they have a history spanning more than 35 years in this area. They feature excellent efficiency, quality construction, and constant monitoring capability. Read on to see why they are one of the best brands in solar.

SMA solar technology – energy that changes

SMA is a leading specialist in solar technology, and is setting the bar high for renewable energy. With their headquarters in Germany and a presence in more than 20 countries, they are ranked amongst the top three inverter companies in the world. They are a safe bet and an excellent long-term investment.

SMA Advantages

Unsurpassed Service

SolarKraft works with SMA to ensure that our customers receive the best service around. We work with both residential and corporate needs to create tailored solutions and solve issues before they arise.

Updated Technology

SMA has always strived to stay one step ahead of the industry. They are leaders in the solar industry, and set the standard for high-quality products. Their integrated monitoring capabilities allow for extensive analysis options, including visualising data. The inverters are also some of the most efficient on the market, with excellent reliability.

Multi-Award Winners

SMA has won many awards, including in Manufacturing Excellence in process innovation, Excellent in product innovation, Best Solar Product, German Best Employer, and more. They also won the Energy Efficiency Award in 2010 for achieving a CO2 neutral-production process. This quantity and calibre of awards is unparalleled in the industry, and further represents their excellent reliability.


Sunny Boy 1.5

Sunny Boy 1.5 / 2.5


Installation flexibility

1.5 – 2.5 kW

Great for small installations

Change settings remotely

Sunny Boy 3 - 5kW

Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0



3.0 – 5.0 kW

Perfect for homes

Compact and light

SMA TriPower

Sunny Tri-Power


Three-phase inverter


98% peak efficiency

Web-connectivity enabled


We use only the most trusted brands in the industry, and SMA is arguably the best name around. With a long history in the solar industry and multiple awards to back them, they are a secure long-term investment. As the benchmark of quality in the industry, their Sunny Boy inverter is synonymous with ‘the best around’. They are widely-recognised and reliable, which is why SolarKraft partners with them to bring you tailored solar solutions.

sma installing

Assured Quality


As one of the longest-running producers of inverters on the market, SMA has the experience and expertise to bring you the best products around. With quality design and construction based in Germany, they are able to last in the Australian environment for many years. They also have one of the lowest warranty claim rates around, and work with SolarKraft to provide excellent post-installation care.

Industry Leaders

As perhaps the most recognised name in solar, SMA produces some of the most reliably efficient products in the world. They are multi-award winners, and one of the few European companies that still manufacture in Europe. With lightweight products and inbuilt wifi, they are setting a high standard for the industry to follow.

SMA Quality
SMA Environmental Impact

Sustainable Processes


SMA believes in sustainability in all aspects of their work. Their in-house energy management is internationally recognised through several certifications. They constantly analyse and update their processes to ensure they minimise their impact. In addition to this, SMA has a number of community and education commitments, including assisting remote areas of third-world countries to access power.

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