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Solar Inverters

After the solar panels, the solar inverter is the next most important component of a solar energy system. This is the part that converts low voltage DC to high voltage AC and vice versa.

Without an inverter, your solar energy system would only be able to run direct current appliances, and that would be a complicated situation to be in. Most appliances aren’t designed to run only on DC power, and those that are usually cost more than AC equivalents.

Fortunately we do have inverter technology to help us avoid the need for buying DC appliances, but it is important to be aware that not all inverters are the same. In fact some inverters are clearly superior, some are clearly inferior, and there is a large group that exists somewhere between the extremes.
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What you want to get, if you can afford it, is an inverter from the superior group of inverters. The trick to it is that if you want the best performance and safety from your solar energy system, you can’t afford not to have a superior inverter.

The quality of your inverter will make a bigger difference than you may expect. If you choose an inverter that is not really up to the job, it will make your entire system less efficient, less safe, and less profitable.

Luckily you can get all the advice you need about solar inverters from the expert solar energy consultants at SolarKraft. If there’s anything we don’t know, it’s not worth knowing. We’re the most thorough and knowledgeable solar product suppliers in Australia.

Understanding solar inverter technology

Inverters are quite simple devices. To invert something simply means to flip it upside down. Transformers change voltage levels and inverters change current type.

Both devices are very useful and important, but transformers are rarely employed in solar power systems. Solar inverters, however, are a very common part of a solar energy system.

They are not found in every type of solar energy system because not all systems need inverted current. Inverters are absolutely necessary if you plan to run AC appliances or if you plan to sell energy to the grid.

If you only need to run DC appliances and you aren’t selling energy, then you won’t need an inverter. If you’re wondering what happens if you use two inverters, that’s pretty simple, too. They cancel each other out, and some energy gets wasted in the process.

That’s because some of the electric energy gets converted to heat energy inside the inverter, and most inverters have some kind of display panel that uses some the electric energy as well.

There’s an exception, however. In certain types of solar energy systems, it’s possible to have an inverter attached to each solar panel. This is an advanced configuration that is rarely seen in home solar power systems. When it is used, energy is converted to AC the moment it leaves the solar panel. The more normal situation is for energy from all the solar panels to pass through a single inverter.

While there can be some advantages to that multiple inverter approach, it’s also more expensive to do, which is at least one reason why most people don’t.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll get the best prices and the best advice from SolarKraft.

Solar Kraft is Brisbane’s best solar company when it comes to cost efficient, world class energy solutions. We specialise in solar installation and commercial solar across Australia. Vist our website or call us for energy & cost efficient solar today!

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Fronius’ passion for innovation, combined with their extensive history and research standards, has shaped them into a world leader in solar. They have a commitment to producing sustainable products that boost efficiency and reduce operating costs over the long-term. Pushing the limits is just the beginning – they break boundaries and strive to achieve the impossible. They have a spirited approach to their work, and are constantly innovating. Fronius produce some of the best inverters in the world and are a surefire investment for your system.

ABB logo

With a history of over 130 years and a presence in 100 countries, ABB is perhaps the largest inverter producer in the world. They are committed to sustainable growth, and integrate their goals into their corporate strategy. The Swedish-Swiss company has been a Fortune 500 company for 23 years, and has over 100,000 employees. With the company size and reputation, they are considered an extremely low-risk purchase.

Enphase logo

Microinverters are one of the best installation options available. Enphase is a leading company in this field, with a range of inverters that are compatible with almost any system. Their inverters endure over a million hours of testing to ensure only the highest quality products are delivered to customers. These microinverters have a range of benefits – including reducing the risk of the system getting overheated, and an increased production rate due to individualised outputs.

SMA logo

We take pride in using only the highest quality European brands. SMA, founded in Germany in 1981, is arguably the best producer of inverters around. It’s been coined the ‘Mercedes of inverters’ by SolarQuotes – safe, efficient, and made with incredible quality. They strive to provide customers with innovative solutions that help them achieve greater energy independence. They are an excellent long-term investment, with customer ratings of nearly 5-stars from hundreds of reviews.

Flex logo

SolarKraft proudly partners with Flex, a world leader in solar products. The Flex inverter is part of their PowerPlay system – designed to maintain a high level of efficiency for many years. They use intelligent technology to rigorously test their systems, and cover all of their products with extensive warranties. Flex inverters are expertly engineered, and work with the Energy Hub to use the power as efficiently as possible to maximise your savings. They’ve helped thousands of Australian families to start generating solar power.

SunGrow logo

SunGrow was founded in 1997 by a university professor, and has been advancing in leaps and bounds ever since. They have a track record of more than 20 years of success, and have a presence in over 50 countries. The inverter features integrated wifi-monitoring, which shows a breakdown of energy use and production. They feature an efficiency rate of up to 98.9%, use inbuilt cooling systems to maintain operation, and are capable of dealing with Australia’s heat and humidity.

SolaX inverter

SolaX have a vision – to be a world leader in development and distribution of solar inverters. With a high level of focus on research and development, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of solar. Their specialty product is the X-Hybrid, an intelligent storage system which manages power usage and stores extra energy for later use. This saves an extraordinary amount of money on bills. With a presence in several countries and a number of senior engineers on their team, SolaX is driving innovative, research-based solutions.

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