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    Solar Power Systems in Sunshine Coast


    The name of the area couldn’t suggest any more strongly how appropriate it is to install solar power systems on the Sunshine Coast. The region is one of the sunniest in the country, so you can certainly be assured of the fact that your solar power system will have plenty of light from which to source its energy. Of course there are other reasons to consider installing solar systems on the Sunshine Coast. One of these reasons is the obvious environmental benefit. Each home and business that converts to using renewable energy, including solar power, on the Sunshine Coast will make a significant difference.

    Another good reason is actually related to the first one. No matter what we do right now, it will take quite some time for the effects of climate change to subside and hopefully be reversed. Until then, we’re stuck with those effects, and one scenario we could see is an increase in natural disasters affecting our area. Whereas previously serious storms, cyclones and earthquakes were problems far more likely to affect our northern neighbours, we could soon see these problems creeping south. In fact bookmakers wouldn’t give you very good odds on it these days.



    Would your home be prepared for such a tragedy if it struck? Having access to an alternative energy source is something that could help you survive the aftermath of a natural disaster. As we have now all seen, demonstrated so effectively by the 2017 crisis in Puerto Rico, we can’t rely on centralized energy supply to always be available. Most of us have become so dependent on electricity, we’ve almost forgotten how to survive without it. Certainly most homes are not prepared, and don’t have alternatives in place for cooking, storing food, obtaining water, and removing waste from the home in the event that these centralized services were to become unavailable as the result of a disaster. 

    Hassle Free Solar Systems in Sunshine Coast

    When you consider how easy it is to set up a simple solar power system that will provide a measure of safety for your home in an emergency situation, it’s really quite amazing that installing solar power systems is not universally adopted.

    Every system, of course, requires an array of solar panels. You shouldn’t buy just any solar panels, however. Talk to SolarKraft to find out more about the options available. As a general guide, however, you should only buy Tier 1 panels with a performance ratio rating of at least 90 percent, and a minimum manufacturer’s warranty period of 10 years.

    What you need after the panels depends on the type of system you’re building. Grid connect systems are the simplest, as they don’t need to have battery storage.

    Off grid systems require more things, but they’re still quite easy to build. The biggest cost for these systems is the need for solar batteries, usually in the form of deep cycle marine batteries which are definitely not cheap.

    To ensure the energy supply between the panels and the battery is stable, a solar charge controller should be added. This is just a simple device, but it can prevent damage to your batteries and any downstream appliances.

    Next up you will need a solar inverter to convert the high voltage DC current into low voltage AC current so you can run your ordinary household appliances without needing special adapters for them.

    Most commonly people use a central inverter, but you should also know about micro inverters, which offer some advantages in some situations. These micro inverters are smaller than a central inverter, and are designed to attach directly to each solar panel on a one-on-one basis. This improves the reliability, safety, and quality of the output.

    With these components anyone can build a solar power system for their home or business, but beware that installation must be performed by somebody who is appropriately licensed for the task.

    To learn more about the benefits of installing solar power, contact SolarKraft today. We are the number one supplier and installer of solar power systems on the Sunshine Coast. We also cover all areas within northern Australia incuding, Brisbane & Newcastle.

    We can advise customers on all their solar needs, including providing recommendations and references. Liberate your home from external energy dependency by producing your own power.


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    Why Solar?

    Lower energy costs
    Reduce your electricity bill instantly and for years to come.

    Save money
    With solar you’ll get a return on your investment in years to come. Invest money now to save more later.

    Help the environment
    Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Don’t contribute to global warming – be part of the solution!

    Energy independence
    SolarKraft can create fully independent sustainable power solutions, so you can go completely off grid!

    Why SolarKraft?

    We’re different
    We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing solar providers dedicated to customer service. Research the independent reviews for yourself.

    The best warranties
    We pride ourselves on offering customer’s peace of mind. We offer the best warranties out in market. Compare ours to our competitors, and you’ll see for yourself.

    Low-cost solutions
    We know everyone’s financial situation differs. That’s why we have packages that make solar accessible for the everyday Australian.

    We’ve got your back
    Through the whole process, our team are here to assist you. Call us anytime – 24 hours a day. We’re with you every step of the way.

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