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    Solar Power Systems in Brisbane

    Blessed with almost year round sunshine, yet regularly besieged by tropical storms more than any other Australian state, Queensland is the ideal place for considering making the switch to solar power systems in Brisbane. While the financial rewards can make a grid connect PV system attractive, for true freedom and independence, an off grid system gives you a better (albeit more expensive) deal. This is because off grid systems store electricity in battery storage. They don’t rely on the presence of a working power grid in order to function whenever they’re needed.



    For a state that gets more than its fair share of natural disasters, that assurance of reliability in all conditions is a highly desirable trait. Quite simply, as the Puerto Rican disaster of 2017 shows, nature can really do a number on our infrastructure, and dependency on centralized delivery systems is risky. Solar power in Brisbane, when not connected to the grid, provides you with safe and reliable independence, secure in the knowledge that if you can survive the initial disaster, you have a better than average chance of surviving the aftermath.

    On the other hand, if you have faith in the authorities to always restore things to normal within a reasonable time frame, then a grid connected system is definitely a lower cost option in solar power systems for Brisbane residents. It also comes with the advantage of being able to sell excess energy back to the grid.

    Where to buy your solar power system in Brisbane

    If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry, because it really isn’t. SolarKraft can help it make sense. We’re a leading supplier of solar systems in Brisbane, and we can give you all the advice and assistance you need. Getting your home onto solar power is a lot easier than you probably think.


    Getting started with solar power

    The first thing you’re going to need is quality solar panels. When buying solar panels, you need the best quality you can afford and as many as you can afford. They are the most important component of the whole system.

    If you have an off grid system, you’ll also need to invest in solar batteries. These have a high purchase cost and won’t last forever. That is the only true disadvantage of an off grid system versus a grid connected system.

    Another component to buy is a solar charge controller, which ensures the output is stable. Then the part that converts the output from the solar panels or batteries into energy for use in your appliances is called a solar inverter.

    The quality of the solar inverter is also really crucial to the safety, efficiency, and quality of the system. There are different types of inverters available. The most common type is a central inverter that converts high voltage DC input into low voltage AC output.


    The micro inverter option

    A different option is to use micro inverters. These are smaller than central inverters, and each one is connected directly to an individual solar panel. The cost is naturally higher than a central inverter, but provides some advantages.

    One example of an advantage provided by micro inverters is that the supply is stable and converted directly at the source. This makes for a safer output, and reduces the risk of overloading.

    Normally solar arrays are connected in a way that if one panel has its efficiency degraded, then it will impact the efficiency of every solar panel on the array. Using micro inverters prevents this problem, because each panel is independent of the rest.

    The improved efficiency means you get more energy generated, which may in fact (over time) pay for the difference in cost between using a central inverter and using micro inverters.

    Those are just some of the advantages micro inverters can offer, but there are many others.

    Those basic components of your solar system are the essentials for getting started. There are some various ways you could enhance your system if you want to spend more on perfecting it.


    High tech performance enhancements

    When installing solar panels on your roof, you’ll get best performance from those panels which are north facing. These panels will be exposed to more sunlight throughout the entire day than any other panels are.

    Something you can do to get more efficiency from all your solar panels is put them on auto rotators. These are computer controlled robotic devices that track the position of the Sun, automatically rotating and angling the solar panels to get maximum performance from every panel all day long.

    That kind of thing is overkill for a typical household, but is often seen in commercial and government installations. Because the components required are expensive and they also use some power to function, it means you have to be seriously into extracting every last joule of energy from your system to go to this much trouble.

    A less expensive way could be to create a manual rotation system which can be wound into position by hand, but most people wouldn’t bother to do this because in Queensland it’s to be expected that most days you’ll collect far more energy than you actually need to get through the day.


    How to keep your system running efficiently

    If you’re finding that your power needs are not being consistently met by your system, then you should investigate to isolate the cause.

    The most likely reason is not having enough solar panels. If that’s the reason, the remedy is simply to either buy more panels or reduce your consumption.

    Another typical cause is where you have a damaged, faulty, dirty, obscured, or shaded panel. In this case, remember that in a standard set up with a central inverter, a problem with one panel will affect all the other panels.

    Faulty panels should be replaced if they are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Damaged panels are more complicated, because replacing them without paying depends quite a lot on the reason for the damage.

    In some cases your home insurance may pay for a damaged panel to be replaced, but don’t rely on that. Obviously cleaning dirty panels should restore them to normal operation, and clearing away whatever is obscuring or shading a panel should do likewise.

    For more information about solar power systems in Brisbane, contact SolarKraft.


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