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SunGrow Inverters

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SunGrow – Clean power for all

SunGrow is the second-largest inverter manufacturer in the world and has over 20 years of experience. Founded by a university professor in 1997, they are leaders in development and research. They are committed to motivating more people to use “green and effective” power, and drive their innovation towards this. Read on to see why they are such a popular inverter brand.

Green and Effective

SunGrow has over 30% of their workforce in their research and development area. In 2016, they produced the world’s highest output string inverter, and maintained their position as one of the most popular inverters in the world. They are available in over 50 countries, and have over 1,000 employees. With a mission to provide clean power for all, they are a reliable company with a proven history and status in the solar industry.

SunGrow Advantages

Proven History


21 years in the solar industry is no small feat. Founded by a university professor, and with a continuing higher-education partnership with Hefei University of Technology, SunGrow is a considerable force in the industry.

High Efficiency


With 99% PV inverter efficiency, they have some of the highest-rated inverters on the market. What’s more, their intense research has allowed them to make inverters more affordable than many other market leaders.

Award Winners


SunGrow has won a variety of awards, most recently “Top 500 Alternative Energy Companies”, “National Energy Technology Progress Award – First Prize”, and many more.


SunGrow SG2KTL-S


2 – 3 kW

Single phase

97.4% peak efficiency

Natural cooling

SunPower SH5K+

SH5K+ Grid Hybrid


Max. output 6.5 kW

Single phase compatible

97.7% peak efficiency

Natural convection



3 – 4.99 kW

Single phase

97.5% peak efficiency

Natural cooling

Why SunGrow + SolarKraft?


SunGrow is dedicated to providing customer-oriented solutions for clean energy. With expertise and a history of success to back them, they are working towards innovating for the future. SolarKraft works to provide you with efficient and reliable brands to build your ideal system. SunGrow shares our ideals and goals for the future, and are an excellent partner brand for us to match with.

SunGrow Hawaii

Significantly Reduced Emissions

SunGrow’s global installations have prevented approximately 25 million tons of CO2 emissions – that’s more than the annual carbon emissions of Hawaii. The emissions offset is set to increase over the coming years as more installations are completed and technology becomes more efficient.

Intelligent Solutions

SunGrow has developed and refined their technology throughout their history. They provide intelligent energy solutions by combining clean energy technology, cloud computing, and cutting-edge integration. They are also investing money into electric cars, wind technology, and large-scale solar plants.

Intelligent Installations SunGrow
SunGrow Youth

Social Responsibility

Looking after the community is a high priority, especially in times of need. SunGrow has repeatedly supported local charities and disaster relief foundations. Some of their past contributions include transmitting electricity and donating money to earthquake-affected areas, and supporting youth educations programs.

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