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SunPower Panels

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SunPower – Smarter, simpler solar

SunPower has been working in solar since 1985, with their global headquarters based in Silicon Valley. Their panels have been used on NASA projects, and were given a project by President Obama to build a solar power plant system. They have broken several world records in monocrystalline polysilicon cells, and continue to work towards the future. Have a look at their products and achievements to see what’s right for you.

World leaders in solar technology

SunPower’s founder was not only a researcher interested in space solar, but was also responsible for developing the famous Swanson’s Law – for every doubling of production capacity, the cost of panels falls by 20%. They also have one of the lowest failure rates around, with panels failing at a rate of 27 per million.

The icing on the cake is their extensive warranty. Whilst most businesses will offer a product warranty of 10 years and a performance warranty of 25 years, SunPower guarantees 25 years for both. This is one of the reasons why we work with them – supplying you with quality products that will last for years is our top priority.

Benefits for Customers

Long-Term Results

SunPower offers long-term replacement warranties. This means that if a panel fails, someone will be sent to your home to remove the failed panel and replace it with a new one. They also have a higher guaranteed output than any other brand over 25 years.

Rock-Solid History

With 33 years of history in the solar industry, SunPower is an industry veteran. This has allowed them to develop initiatives such as partial shade toleration, long-term product warranties, and high efficiency.

Panel Types

SunPower E Series

320 W

Average efficiency 20.4%


7-9% more energy per watt

SunPower X Series

335 – 345 W

Average efficiency 21.5%


8-10% more energy per watt

SunPower P Series

305 – 350 W

Average efficiency 21.5%


High power warranty

Why choose SunPower + SolarKraft?


SolarKraft is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products from trusted brands. We work with companies who have tested their products, have a history of reliability, and constantly work to improve their products. We also provide long-term warranties, which are supported by the SunPower guarantees. This allows us to work together to provide the best installation for you possible.

Eliminated Thermal Expansion

Thermal expansion is a leading cause of panel failure, and occurs when temperature changes cause expansion and contraction of materials that stresses joints and creates cracks. SunPower guaranteed that this will not occur during the first 25 years of the panel’s life.

More Electricity Per Watt

There are a number of factors that contribute to SunPower’s ability to produce more energy than its competitors. These include having no surface wires, lower operating temperature, slower degradation, and improved shade performance. They also have ‘positive tolerance’, which allows them to produce as much or more power than their rating.

High quality

High Quality

SunPower’s failure rate is just 27 per million. On the off-chance that one of your panels stops working, we work with SunPower to send someone out to you so that it can be replaced. We work together to make sure you receive the best products for your ideal installation.

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